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Keep Track of Which Songs are ReadyNow we know our primary songs

Resources for Specific SongsHe Sent His SonI Will Follow God’s PlanI Stand All AmazedThe Family is of GodBaptismSeek the Lord Early

Best Resources for Reviewing Any One Song at a TimeHide and Go SingMusical CompassSongbirdsHot and ColdPrimary SplitsThe People in my NeighborhoodA E I O UMy BonnyTeaching the Whole Family

Polish Up By Working Out the Final Kinks in the 2014 Songs2014 Song SwatStill Small Voice ChainSecret Word

Best Resources for Reviewing ALL the Program Songs At Once***All Mixed Up***Matching Game***SINGOGather SunshineSister CrazypantsAutumn/Spring Opposite DaySummer/Winter Opposite DayHot Potato GamePrimary SquaresName that Tune

Alternate Arrangements
2014 Primary Program Arrangements

Links for a Better PerformanceDynamicsPrimary Program Signs