Review: He Sent His Son

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To introduce the song “He Sent His Son,”  I want to make sure that the children are familiar with the elements of Christ’s life which are discussed in the song (and the pictures which I plan to use to represent them).  I’ll spend the first week of January on this activity.
First, print document at the bottom of the page which contains the images.   These are from the album entitled “Jesus Christ” in the LDS Image Library.  I like them because I’m OCD and they match.  If you prefer, you can use pictures from the Gospel Art Kit. 
Next, choose 2-4 songs from each category (or choose your own) and write each one on a strip of paper.  Fold these strips and place them in a paper bag.
Display the pictures on the board at the front of the room and write the titles above them. Briefly explain to the children what each picture represents.  Have a child choose a strip of paper from the bag. Sing the song and ask the children to listen to determine to which picture the song belongs.  

BIRTH38 – When Joseph Went to Bethlehem41 – Once Within a Lowly Stable42 – Away in a Manger50 – Picture a Christmas52 – The Nativity Song
LIFE AND MINISTRY56 – I Think When I Read That Sweet Story57 – Tell Me the Stories of Jesus55 – Jesus Once Was a Little Child100 – Baptism verse 1
DEATH AND RESURRECTION64 – Did Jesus Really Live Again?88 – On a Golden Springtime verse 265 – He Died That We Might Live Again
AS AN EXAMPLE140 – I’ll Walk With YouIf The Savior Stood Beside Me236 – Give Said The Little Stream verse 3136 – Love One Another100 – Baptism verse 278 – I’m Trying to be Like Jesus55 – Jesus Once Was a Little Child

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