Review: Families Can Be Together Forever

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To review this song, I want to be sure that they understand the concepts.  I, therefore, plan to ask the children “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How” questions about both verses.  
Print the following questions.  Read the first question aloud, sing the first verse, and ask a child whether he or she heard the answer to the question in the song.  Continue with each question.
1.  WHERE do you live?  (on earth)1.  WHO do you have to help you during your life?  (a family)3.  WHY do you want to be with them?  (they are so good to me)4.  WHAT do you want?  (to share my life with them)5.  WHEN would you like to be with them?  (for all eternity)6.  HOW can you do this?  (through heavenly father’s plan)
1.  WHERE do you want to be married?  (in God’s temple)2.  WHY do you want to be married in the temple?  (because it is “for eternity”)3.  WHAT do you need to do so that you will be ready?  (prepare)  4.  WHEN should you start preparing?  (now, in your early years)5.  WHO prepared the way for us to be with our families forever?  (The Lord / Heavenly Father) 6.  HOW can you prepare now to be worthy for the blessings of the temple?
This answer is not specifically answered in the song.  Ask the children to come up with their own answers.  If you have extra time, sing songs about the ways in which you prepare. i.e. reading the scriptures = Scripture Power, Book of Mormon Stories, Search Ponder and Pray, etc.

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