Review: A Child’s Prayer

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As I review this month’s song, “A Child’s Prayer,” I want to reinforce to the children that Heavenly Father wants to hear from us no matter what we are doing. To prepare for the activity, print the document at the bottom of the page.  Cut out the pieces and write the song and page number on the back of each card.  You might choose not to use the songs I’ve suggested.  
Begin by singing “A Child’s Prayer” and ask the children to watch for five different types of prayers that are shown in the pictures.  As they name them, post the pictures on the board and sing the corresponding song.  Many of the songs will probably be unfamiliar to the children, but most of them are very short.  I suggest simply singing the song line by line and having the children repeat line by line.  It is not important that they remember the words to each song at the end of the day.  This activity is meant to merely expose them to the songs.  If you have extra time, you might choose one to memorize.
including Family Home Evenings, Family Councils, nightly prayers, etc.
Song:  Teach Me to Walk in the Light, p177or Family Prayer, p189or Love is Spoken Here verse 1, p190
Asking blessings for someone else or understanding how to help someone else.Song:  Where Love Is, p138or A Prayer, p22or Thank Thee, Father verse 2, p24
Praying before meals.Song:  For Health and Strength p21
Personal bedtime prayers.   Song:  Children All Over the World , p16flipchart hereor I Love to Pray verse 2, p25
Prayers for inspiration and understanding.Song:  Search, Ponder and Pray, p109or Seek the Lord Early, p 108
Priesthood blessings, father’s blessings, etc.Song:  Father Up Above, p23
Asking for help knowing what we should do.Song:  I Need My Heavenly Father p18or Heavenly Father, Now I Pray, p19
Prayers for help in overcoming trials, getting out of difficult situations or asking for blessings you may want.Song:  We Bow Our Heads verse2, p25or I Pray in Faith verse 2, p14
Sacrament meetings, primary meetings.Song:  Reverently, Quietly, p26
Personal morning prayers.Song:  I Love to Pray verse 1, p25 orI Pray in Faith verse 1, p14
Blessing the sacrament, performing baptisms, etc.Song:  When I am Baptized, p103 (not about prayer, but a good chance to review)

Prayers to ask for forgiveness of our sins.Song:  The Fourth Article of Faith, p124
Prayers to thank Heavenly Father for our blessings.Song:  Can a Little Child Like Me p9or My Heavenly Father Loves Me verse 2,  p228flipchart here

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