Resurrection Visual Aid For Yw Sunday Lessons

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It can be difficult to imagine some gospel concepts (like the Resurrection!) so I wanted to make a visual aid that the YW could relate to. I  had a visual aid that I used to use during my mission and also when I taught Gospel Essentials as a Ward missionary. It came in very helpful to have something that people could see to help them follow the process of spirit and body being united, seperated, and reunited.
My previous visual aids have been misplaces, but that was ok, because I wanted to make something specific for my upcoming YW Sunday lesson on the Resurrection. I chose the image of an adult woman because we were adults as spirits before we were born and will be adults when we are resurrected. If you want, you can show additional steps (like a baby, child, etc), but I was focusing on the basic elements. 
Here are the steps that I show with my visual aids and the general thing that I normally say along with the visual I am showing:
To represent a pre-mortal spirit, I used silver puff paint, traced on to a plain piece of clean contact paper (with another piece of contact paper sandwiched on the back)
I show the spirit piece and the body piece going together (spirit behind the body piece)

I show the body being laid down, as if in a grave, and the spirit going “upward” to represent that it goes on to the Spirit World

Its difficult to see in the photos because she is covered in shiny glitter, but this represents a resurrected being.

For the girl, I used a paper doll set that I got (scrapbooking section) at Michaels, but you could use any paperdoll, printed clipart of a person, or draw your own person!
The other supplies I used were silver puffy paint and clear puffy paint with glitter, and clear contact paper. I used this to make the “spirit”, but I also used it to “laminate” the other paper dolls so that they could be kept and re-used.  

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