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It is nothing short of extraordinary to ponder the accomplishment of attending early morning Seminary.
This link is for an excellent article by Jason Wright that puts many of our experiences as teachers in perspective.
Click HERE.
I have loved teaching early morning Seminary this year. I marvel that I actually completed the year. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in a Church calling. The most demanding is an understatement, but definitely the best.
Many of my students attend early morning Seminary at great sacrifice, not just of sleep and time. Many live in areas that are not safe. Dark, early mornings compound that concern. Some of them walk through neighborhoods and streets that are not safe as they meet their rides.
At the beginning of the year, one of my students would be outside waiting for me at 5:40 when I arrived. Soon, I would discover that he was waking up at 4:30 to start walking to the chapel so he could be on time for class. He walked through a business-industrial section of town that was deserted and not the best place to be on foot and alone at 4:30am. This changed and he ended up living with another family in the area for the balance of the school year. That way, he could be to Seminary and school safely and consistently. He is now graduated from High School and preparing his mission papers. He is also one of my Master Scriptorians.
I have a single, widower father who drives his 2 daughters and volunteered to go out of his way to pick up another girl in our class every day. They were consistently on time and in their seats ready to learn every morning regardless of the  early hour and the extra stop to pick up another student.
I started the year with 24 students and will end the year with 21 enrolled students. One is on a mission, two moved away (and still became Scriptorians).
All of my students have attendance records in the high 90% range, with 3 having 100% attendance. Those 3 with 100% attendance were physically in class every day-they did not complete extra assignments or make up work to accomplish this.
Six of my students are Master Scriptorians
Two of my students are Scriptorians (could be more than 2 after this evening)
I mention these statistics because these are students who set goals and push themselves. The majority  of them do not have a parent forcing them to attend Seminary or memorize scriptures. Many of them are the first generation in their family to live and be educated in the United States. English is the second language for the majority of my students, yet they speak, read, and memorize beautifully in English.
They love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They love learning. Many of them will enter full time missionary service soon. They are prepared. They are amazing.

How do you feel about teaching Seminary?
If you are like me, you are exhausted right now,  but it is a “good” tired.
How do you prepare over the summer?

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