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It’s March, and that means it’s the Relief Society’s Birthday!Since some of you may be trying to decide what you’re going to do this year to celebrate, I thought I would share 15 ideas that you could use.
Theme Ideas1.  Favorites Thing BirthdayA special night centered around each of the sister’s favorite things!Have a questionnaire for each sister to fill out with each of their favorite things (ex. flower, color, scripture, food, vegetable, drink, cake, snack, temple, childhood memory, book, sport, etc). Use the questionnaire to plan the dinner, decorations, and activity. Have labels for each item letting everyone know whose favorite item that is.
2.  World-wide Sisterhood Celebration Celebrate the world-wide sisterhood with the sisters in your ward by having a Fiesta!Enjoy food from all over the world or pick a specific region that you would like to focus on (we focused on Mexico & South America).
Decorate with flags from different countries, maps, and some fiesta themed décor.
For a fun activity have a piñata filled with goodies that all the sisters will enjoy. We also had slips of paper that each sister wrote a type of service they would do. We placed the slips of paper into the piñata as prizes.
3.  ‘Soup’er Service SoireeDo ‘something extraordinary’ for your Relief Society celebration with this great idea: from ‘ReMarkable Home’
4.  Relief Society Birthday BashWho doesn’t love a party?!? Plan a big Birthday Party for the RS. Invite the sisters to each bring an inexpensive gift for a gift exchange. Have party hats, favors, games, and of course cake!
5.   Home, Family, and ‘Purse’onal EnrichmentFocus on home, family and personal enrichment with this fun idea found on Sugardoodle!
Game Ideas1.  Have you ever?Have the exact number of chairs as there are people and place them in a circle. Have everyone sit in a chair. The person in charge of the game will then read various ‘Have you ever?’ statements. If you HAVE then you will move one seat to the right. The catch (and fun part) is if someone is in the seat to your right you have to sit in their lap.We have played this at several RS activities and it’s always a blast!
2.  Get to Know You BINGO (Mingle Bingo)Have the sisters get to know each other by playing this fun BINGO game.There are lots of different versions of this game, but here is one fromThe Idea Door!
3.  Relief Society TriviaQuiz the sisters with some RS trivia!Quiz found HERE
4.  Secret EnvelopesHave enough envelopes for each person and small slips of paper. Ask everyone to write something that no one knows about them on the front/back of each envelope. When everyone has written their ‘secret’ collect the envelopes. Hand everyone several small pieces of paper, and pass out the envelopes. Have everyone read the ‘secret’ on the envelope and then have them write the name of the person they think wrote the secret. Have them place the piece of paper (with the name) inside of the envelope and pass the envelope to the next person. Pass the envelopes around until everyone has had a chance to see each envelope.Read the secrets aloud and read the names that were place in each of the envelopes, then have the real person stand up.
5.  Photo BoothThis is such a fun idea for any party. Strike a pose and don’t forget the props!We created our backdrop using $1 plastic tablecloths. I found our props on Etsy, but you can cut out your own also.
Food Ideas1.   Soup Bar:Have several different soups for the sisters to enjoy. Label each soup so everyone knows what soups there are, and have a big basket of rolls to enjoy with the yummy soup.
2.   Salad Bar:Create your own salad bar! Have lettuce at the beginning of the table and then every topping imaginable! Have different salad dressing options for the sisters to choose from at the end of the table. You could even include some pasta and fruit salads as well.
3.   Potato BarBake up your potatoes in several crockpots and then include lots of toppings for the sisters to choose from.
4.   Ham & Cheese SlidersThese are amazing! Give them a try at your RS Birthday dinner.Here’s the recipe I always use:Ham & Cheese Sliders
5.   Chicken Salad SandwichesYou can’t go wrong with chicken salad on croissants, YUM! Here’s a yummy recipe for you to use.
   I hope you liked my 15 ideas that I shared today. Do you have a great idea? Then leave me a comment! 
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day.  sheena

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