Recommendations for Electronic devices in Seminary

By Cindy Harris Congdon Cindy Harris Congdon:
What electronic devices are helpful for you when presenting your lessons? Any cables or projectors that hook up easily to an iPhone? Speakers? Game equipment? Anything else? With Christmas coming up, I’d love some suggestions for my team-teacher (my husband) to get for me. :)
(53 minutes ago)

Vickie Larson Fairchild: Did I know that you were teaching seminary as well? (52 minutes ago) 1

Cindy Harris Congdon: Haha Vickie Larson Fairchild I don’t know. But I knew that you were. (52 minutes ago)

Eleace Monet Zachary: I connect my tablet or phone to the TV for media. I normally use my own data bc the church’s WiFi is usually slow. (33 minutes ago)

Debbie Bettinger Price: I use an Apple TV to stream videos and hymns for singing. We have a flat screen TV and the Apple TV hooks to the TV. As long as the wifi is good, I typically don’t have issues. I find my iPad works more consistently than my iPhone 5s. The Apple TV is password protected so the kids cannot access it for use. (25 minutes ago)

Lisa Garcia Yates: My husband just bought me a Bluetooth speaker it use for more volume when playing hymns and videos

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