Problems with Scripture Mastery Motivation

By Coleen Machiel Castro

So I told my class I would get every student an extra large candy bar of their choice for each one who memorized First Vision SM. The response: I can buy my own candy bar. UGH! We will do it. Just have to refocus.
First one to do it Movie ticket
Some years I had classes which were extremely motivated to do scripture mastery memorization. Other years I had classes that couldn’t be bribed to do it for anything.
Back in the dark ages when I was a Primary pres. I challenged the kids to read the Book of Mormon every day. It was a contest between the teachers and the children. If the children read the most pages within a certain time period I promised to come to church with purple hair. I came to church with purple hair. Sometimes one has to think outside the box if one is going to bribe, oops! I mean encourage others to do what is desirable to reach a goal.

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