Primary Singing Time Temples

By Pattie Moss Wasn’t Conference Great? You could do a neat singing time next week on all the primary songs about temples and then do a little quiz about how many temples were announced and where they are being built!

New temples announced for Provo, Barranquilla, Durban, Kinshasa, and Star Valley.Paris made official” taken from chuch website.

Link HERE to a great lesson with a temple mobile on the importance of temples by Robert D. Hales. It is short and easy to see how you could use it as a little lesson to do with singing time and temples.

I’d use temple pictures from the library each with a song on the back having to do with temples.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple #153
Families Can Be Together Forever #188
I Love to See The Temple #95
The Hearts of the Children #92, 93
This is God’s House #30
Truth from Elijah #90, 91

Temples singing Time

A cute coloring page for the song is HERE. You could pass this out at the end of singing time for kids to take home and color.

Source:: Pattie’s Primary Place

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