Primary Singing Time Fun Tips

By Pattie Moss
One way to be sure you are letting lots of different kids help you is to pull sticks out of the can with all the kids’ names on them, to be sure each child has a chance to come up and participate in the singing time games….I use lots of these kinds of singing signs on fat craft sticks so I can call on kids to come up and help me lead the primary singing time in different and fun ways….(boys sing, girls sing, whistle, hum, louder, softer, stop, go, etc.) We hold about 8 of these up around the room while singing “I am Like a Star Shining Brightly” as everybody does the hand motions opening and closing their fingers like blinking stars.
I teach school and my motto has always been; if I’m bored, the kids are going to be bored too. Don’t be boring. Do fun activities along with teaching the songs. I hope I never get stale, as a teacher. I always wanted to do fresh, fun things to get the kids involved.
Try a game of Going Fishing using each fish as a song (list songs in washable marker on the back) or you could use them to write small questions and tape them to the backs of the laminated fish. The pole is just a dowel with string and magnet.The other thing is to always bring the spirit into the singing time. The songs most often do it themselves. But I always taught lessons along with the songs. I would bear my testimony about my work in the temple. I would tell the kids about how important it is to include others and be nice at school with stories of things I had seen at school, such as fighting Read More

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