{Primary} 2015 Primary Presidency Planner Sheets

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron)
I am so excited to share my latest printable with all of you.

If you read my post from Thursday you will know that I am now serving in my ward’s Primary Presidency.

With any calling I have I like to have a binder that has all the information I might need. I like the binder to be organized, so I can find things quickly.

I decided to create some sheets to go into my Primary Binder. Since they took some time I decided to list them in my I wanted a sheet that I could just ‘glance’ at and know when I’m conducting or in charge of Sharing Time. I also wanted all the birthdays, talks, prayers, etc. for that particular month in one place, so when I am conducting I can glance at my sheet and write down all the needed info onto my ‘Sharing Time/Opening Exercises’ sheet.

Budget Sheets

The next thing I wanted to include in my binder were some budget sheets. I am not the greatest at turning in my receipts…it’s usually at the end of the year that I think “Oh, I’ve got a few receipts to turn in.”

Now, if you don’t have a budget the president of the particular organization might have seen a lot of money left in their budget and decided to go out and use that money. Then….here I come with my stack of receipts to turn in, but there’s no more money or not enough money in the budget.

Here is what one of the Budget Sheets looks like. There is also a Budget Tracker sheet included.This is where a budget comes in handy. The Primary is responsible for quite a few different things…Activity Days, Scouts, Nursery, etc. If the Activity Day Leader knows her limit then she will try her best to Read More

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