Practice: Songbirds

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Use these songbird cards to practice a song that your primary has recently learned.  Print the document at the bottom of the post and cut out the cards.  Have the children choose a card and sing the practice song in the manner of the bird on the card.  My suggestions are below.
CHICKENDo the chicken dance-or- flap your “wings”-or- bob your head
DUCKA duck’s quack doesn’t echo!  Have one side sing a line at a time and have the other side echo it.-or- Sing through the song without repeating any words.  If you get to a word you’ve sung before, keep your mouth closed.  (This is hard but SO fun.  Only try it in Senior and only try it slowly.)
FLAMINGOStand on one leg.
MACAWMacaws are extremely loud.  Sing loud.  
OSTRICHOstriches stick their heads in the sand.  Sing with your eyes closed.
OWLSing “whoooo”-or- Owls can turn their heads completely around.  Face the back of the room and sing.
PENGUINPenguins march together.  March and sing.-or- Penguins can swim.  See how far you can sing in one breath.
ROBINSing with a finger in your mouth like a worm.
SWANSing very pretty.
TOUCANToucans have long noses.  Hold your nose while you sing.
WOODPECKERTap the rhythm while you sing.

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