Practice: Ribbon Wands

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Dancing with ribbon wands is a great way to help children practice a song many times without realizing that they are working.  They are best used with slow songs (like Baptism) but can also be fun with patriotic songs.  
Ribbon wands can be fit into any budget.  Online, you’ll find directions for wands made with silk ribbon and dowels, shower curtain rings, key rings and cheap curling ribbon, and even more. If you’re short on time or money, you can even use scarves or ribbons with nothing attached.  If you have a small primary, you might choose to make a wand for each child.  Or, if your primary is large, you could make only a few wands and have the children take turns trying the ribbons in front of the class.   

Use the following cards to help the children understand how you would like them to move the wands. Stand in front of the room as the children sing and cycle through the cards.  Or, have the children help you create a dance.  Post the pages to the flip chart at the front of the room and place the ribbon wand cards underneath each phrase as the children choose which moves they would like to add.

Move the wand quickly back and forth as it goes down.

Make a rainbow above your head.

Spin around.
Make a figure 8 in front of your body.
Move the wand up and down.
Move the wand back and forth in front of you.
Make short little hops with the wand as you move it across your chest.
Make circles in front of your chest
Swing the wand back and forth in front of you.
Make a “halo” or ‘lasso” above your head.
Keep your arm in place and flick the wand up and down.
Loop backward and forward across your chest
Make a “disco” move
I’ve left the document in Word format so that you can size the cards as desired or delete those cards which you don’t wish to use.

If you have other suggestions for moves, please let me know.  I’ll try to add them.

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