Practice: Primary Splits

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This activity is a follow-up to the Who Sings Now review game.  You can use it as you’re learning any new song, or as a review.
First, print the document at the bottom of the page.  (It is formatted for 8.5″x11″ paper, but I’ve left it in Word format so that you can adjust if you use a different size paper)
Next, fold the pictures in half.
Finally, place a tongue depressor or paint-stirrer between the pages and glue together.

Choose a child to come to the front of the classroom and let him pick one of the signs.  Show the entire primary both sides of the sign and let each child decide which category he or she fits (most closely) into.  As you sing the song, have the child at the front of the room hold the sign up and turn it back and forth.  The side which is showing tells the children who sings!

Yes, they do point opposite directions after you fold it.

In Holland, we’re doing Christmas or Sinterklaas.   I thought perhaps this would turn out rather one-sided in your ward :)

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