Practice: Musical Compass

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This activity is especially good for reviewing songs which have to do with Obedience, Commandments, or the Plan of Salvation.  
First, print two copies of the document at the bottom of the page.  Display one page on each wall of your primary room, N in the front, S in the back, W on the left and E on the right.  Reinforce the other set by attaching it to pieces of card stock, laminating it or placing it in sturdy page protectors.
Bring a map and a compass (or a picture of a compass) and briefly explain to the children what they are and how they work.  Stress the importance of following directions and how doing so keeps us safe and helps us reach our goals.  
Divide the children into four groups and have each group stand along one of the walls associated with one of the cardinal directions.  (The North group will have to sit in the front row so that they can see).   Then choose a child to stand at the front of the room of the room and hold up one page at a time.   As you sing the practice song, have the children sing only when their group’s direction is showing.  

  • Hold up more than one page at once, perhaps even using two sets of cards and/or two children to hold the signs.
  • Have the entire primary sing the song, but have the children in the chosen group sing in a silly way (with their tongues out, with their noses plugged, etc.)
  • Have one group consist of only teachers!

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