Please share your #christmas lesson ideas below

By Amy Stuart Wolcott Amy Stuart Wolcott:
Please share your #christmas lesson ideas below. I need ideas.
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Rose Pardy Harris: Me too (14 hours ago)

Jami Jensen: following! I have been thinking the last few days and keep coming up with nothing!!! (11 hours ago)

Cathy Borchardt: I have some I have used in the past. One is to have a nativity up front and ask them to pick a piece and imagine you are that person or animal and how you would be reacting at the moment of the nativity. I’ve also added the earth, future spirits etc. if I needed more players. Then we take turns and it gets a good discussion going. Another is to play Michael Mc Leans song from the Forgotten Carols about the shepherds. There is one who slept through everything and so never saw Christ but is still expected to believe-like we are. And another is to play Mr. Krueger’s Christmas scene when he goes and talks to the Baby Jesus and thanks him and I ask them to write down what they would say in that situation. Writing in their journal about “being there” seems to get the spirit and then they usually open up. I’ve also used Hilary Weeks’ song “Ring the Bells” and given out little Christmas Bell candies and talk about spreading the message. (7 hours ago) 1

RaNae Shoaf: Our bishoprics take turns providing breakfast for all the kids on the last day of each semester. So, last year, one day earlier in the week, my class brought breakfast stuff and left in Read More

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