Please explain March Madness

I've seen several people mention playing March Madness with scripture mastery, but I haven't been able to find any instructions on here as to how it is done. Could someone please explain to me (in detail 'cause I'm slow ;-) ) how it is played. Thanks so much!!
We did it before and it was a blast. We just played from the sweet sixteen bracket. Students helped chose 16 scripture mastery verses they thought were most helpful to the youth the church.
I made a big bracket on the board and we listed the 16 verses they picked. we started playing the bracket by repeating the scripture, letting students say why or why not they thought the verse was most influential. Then we had a class vote between the 2 verses in the 'match' this continued until we had one winner! It was a lot of fun and got the students excited about discussing the Scriptures. That scripture also kind of became our class motto for the rest of the year.
I am planning on doing it again in March.
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Here is another way of playing it that Deonna Biberston Telford posted in a comment on January 11: "Here is how we do March Madness: I have the freshman/sophomore class and the other teacher in our building has the jr/sr... we do this together.... I make a basketball bracket for however many students we have, this year we will have 20 between the two classes... each student is assigned a SM. They keep the same SM through out the playoffs... each student prepares a presentation for their assigned SM verse (like a devotional) and each day the two students who are "playing against each other" (as if they were a basketball team) present their presentation/devotional... after both have been presented everyone else votes on slips a paper who they learned the most from or who's presentation spoke to them the most. No one sees these votes except me. The next day I advance the "winning" student to the next level in the bracket. after everyone in the first round has presented then everyone who advanced to the second round now goes again-- using the same SM they had before--this time they have to dig deeper and come up with a new presentation that is more detailed or perhaps an additions gospel principle or a personal application... and they keep doing a new presentation if they advance to the next round -- we have small gifts for the elite eight, the final four and then a prize for the SM champion. We have both classes meet together each day for the last 10 minutes of seminary... to fit it all in before spring break there are days when we have to have two "games" ( 4 students presenting) I will post my bracket chart once I get it done in the next week or so -- our kids love this and look forward to it every year. it is amazing how much work they put into their presentations-- we have power points, object lessons, videos, testimony, personal experiences... after March madness I can even use students names as clues to SM verses."
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I do a trivia game for my march madness. I make a bunch of questions from the lessons, cut them into strips and have the kids pick one. They roll dice to see how many points they get if they answer correctly. They pick a team name and I post the scores daily. This year I'm going to include questions from the assessment.
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