Pioneer Sing-Like-A….

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  • PIONEER GIRL – only girls
  • PIONEER BOY – only boys
  • OX- sing slow. 
    • Teams of oxen were used to pull heavy wagons. Oxen are very slow animals, but because they are stronger than horses or mules, many pioneers used them to pull their heavy wagons.
  • RABBITsing very fast!
    • Rabbits were seen along the pioneer trail. Rabbits are FAST and hard to catch!
  • COWBOY BOOT – sing western style.
    • Lots of pioneer boys and girls your age were real cowboys and cowgirls! They drove cows and other animals all by themselves along the pioneer trek!
  • SNAKE – sing very quietly, hold out “ssssss’s”
    • Yes, there were rattlesnakes! If the pioneers encountered a rattlesnake it was best to be very quiet and not disturb it!
  • NATIVE AMERICAN CHILD – pass an item while singing
    • “There were many, many encounters with Indians along the trails. “Pioneers would ‘TRADE’ some of their precious items (jewelry, dishes, toys, furniture) for much needed food, or furs and blankets to keep warm.”
  • AX – sing “choppy” (staccato).
    • Children had the job of collecting firewood for campfires. When there were no trees for wood, they would collect sagebrush or buffalo dung to burn in their campfires.
  • BEE – hum. 
    • The Pioneers wanted to call their new home ‘Deseret’, which meant ‘honey bee’ in the Jaredite language in the Book of Mormon. The honey bee was symbolic for how industrious or ‘busy’ the pioneers were, just like bees!
  • ANT – stomp to the beat.
    • Sometimes insects, like ants, invaded the pioneer camps. Pioneers had to stomp to get the ants off their bodies! Yikes!
  • COW – play hot/cold (use toy cow).
    • If a cow wandered away from the pioneer camps, sometimes children your age had to search for them and bring them back to the camp.
  • MOUNTAINS – echo sing: divide the children in two and have the first group sing a phrase of the song, while the second group echoes them.
    • When the pioneers finally reached the mountains they discovered some places in canyons, between two mountains, that would echo anything they said or sang!

*Adapted from Ordinary Adventures

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