Pioneer Paper Bag Vests And Pinafores Step-By-Step

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Camille’s Primary Ideas posted cute vests and pinafores made form paper bags.

HERE are my instructions on how to make these:

Finished and decorated. Ashlie Johansen, Primary Notes 29. —————– VEST:

1. Fold out sides of paper bag.
2. Fold in the top.3.Cut out arm holes.4.Cut up the middle in the front (vest)5a. Cut out “V” shape in front that curves around the top of the bag and completes the “V” on the other side.

5b. -curve around the top of the bag-6. Cutting made my bag have ‘flaps” at the top that needed to be taped back together.*See the “V” and the circle all cut out. See the spots where I needed tape.
*See the progress.7. Cut fringe at the bottom.*Vest all cut out.Vest. —————— PINAFORE:

1. Fold out sides of paper bag.
2. Fold in the top.3. Cut arm holes
4. With the bag still folded (and the top still folded in) cut out a square neck.
5. (no picture) –
Cut a straight line in the middle of the back (opening for them to get it on and off).

6. Cut wavy design on the bottom.
*Pinafore cut out.
  —————— MESS:

 —————— NOTES:

  • Mine turned out really big for a child to wear. I had to overlap the opening and tape the shut wo they would stay on.
  • These take a lot of TIME.

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