Pioneer Objects, Songs And Games

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*This could be done with a smaller Primary. I’m thinking my 100+ kids might be too big for these fun Pioneer activities. Would also be fun as a Primary Activity.

object: small toy frog
game: Leapfrog
Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime? 245

object: hula hoop & stick
game: Rolling the HoopTo Be a Pioneer 218
object: handkerchief
game: Drop the Handkerchief
The Handcart Song 220

object: bag of marbles
game: Marbles
Whenever I Think About Pioneers 222

object: sack/laundry bag
game: Sack Races
Lift Up Your Voice and Sing 252

object: button
game: Hot & Cold
Sing a Song 253

*Idea from Sugardoodle

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