Personal Revelation

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What is Personal Revelation?

Why do I need personal revelation?

There are a few activities that would be wonderful for mutual night-

“The egg walk”- this activity is perfect for mutual/FHE/Activity days etc.

Find a grassy area where you can walk bare footed.  Place Blindfolds on your participants, and have them walk through your designated area with out stepping on an egg.  Someone must guide and direct through voice only.

The person guiding represents our Heavenly Father- and person blindfolded represents us- Only Heavenly Father sees the big picture so can guide us through our journey safely.

Another activity you can do at mutual or during class-

Give everyone a piece of paper- have them write a simple sentence 
Pass the paper and have the next person draw a picture of the sentence-
next- fold the paper right under the sentence- then pass the paper (so they can not see the original sentence,only the picture) keep folding and passing-

This shows how communication can be mis-interpreted – Making personal revelation so very important.  

Many voices in the world compete for your attention, and they can easily drown out spiritual impressions if you are not careful. (Preach my Gospel pg 96)

Richard G. Scott said in How to receive revelation “Heavenly Father did not put us on earth to fail but to succeed gloriously”

“God loves you and all His children.  He is anxious to support you in your practical and specific challenges.  You have been promised inspiration to know what to do and have been given the power to do it” see D&C 43:15-16 (Preach my Gospel pg 89)

“Communication with our Heavenly Father is not a trivial matter.  It is a sacred privilege.” Richard G Scott

I really love what the bible dictionary says about revelation 

The bible dictionary says “Divine revelation is one of the grandest concepts and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for without it, man could not know of the things of God and could not be saved with any degree of salvation in the eternities.  Continuous revelation from God to his saints, through the Holy ghost or by other means, such as visions, dreams, or visitations, makes possible daily guidance along true paths and lead the faithful soul to complete and eternal salvation in the celestial kingdom.”  “It is the making known of divine truth by communication with the heavens, and consists not only of revelation of the plan of salvation to the Lord’s prophets but also a confirmation in the hearts of the believers that the revelation to the  prophets is true.  It also consists of individual guidance for every person who seeks for it and follows the prescribed course of faith, repentance, and obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  “The Holy Ghost is a revelator,” said Joseph Smith” “without revelation, all would be guesswork, darkness, and confusion.

Studying the following will help with learning how the Spirit talks to us (Preach my Gospel)

Activity: Personal or Companion Study

Study the following table. Think of times when you have experienced any of the feelings, thoughts, or impressions described in the passages below. As you study and gain experience, add other passages to this list. Think of how you can use these principles to help others feel and recognize the Spirit.D&C 6:2311:12–14Romans 15:13Galatians 5:22–23Gives feelings of love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, gentleness, faith, and hope.D&C 8:2–3Gives ideas in the mind, feelings in the heart.D&C 128:1Occupies the mind and presses on the feelings.Joseph Smith—History 1:11–12Helps scriptures have strong effect.D&C 9:8–9Gives good feelings to teach if something is true.Alma 32:28D&C 6:14–15;1 Corinthians 2:9–11Enlightens the mind.Alma 19:6Replaces darkness with light.Mosiah 5:2–5Strengthens the desire to avoid evil and obey the commandments.John 14:26Teaches truth and brings it to remembrance.John 14:27Gives feelings of peace and comfort.John 16:13Guides to truth and shows things to come.Moroni 10:5Reveals truth.D&C 45:57Guides and protects from deception.2 Nephi 31:18D&C 20:27;John 16:14Glorifies and bears record of God the Father and Jesus Christ.D&C 42:1684:85100:5–8;Luke 12:11–12Guides the words of humble teachers.John 16:8Recognizes and corrects sin.Moroni 10:8–17D&C 46:8–26;1 Corinthians 12Gives gifts of the Spirit.Alma 10:1712:318:16, 20, 32, 35D&C 63:41Helps to perceive or discern the thoughts of others.D&C 46:3050:29–30Tells what to pray for.2 Nephi 32:1–5D&C 28:15Tells what to do.1 Nephi 10:22Alma 18:35Helps the righteous speak with power and authority.D&C 21:9100:8John 15:26Testifies of the truth.2 Nephi 31:17Alma 13:12;3 Nephi 27:20Sanctifies and brings remission of sins.1 Nephi 2:16–172 Nephi 33:1;Alma 24:8Carries truth to the heart of the listener.1 Nephi 1:1–3Exodus 31:3–5Enhances skills and abilities.1 Nephi 7:152 Nephi 28:1;32:7Alma 14:11Mormon 3:16Ether 12:2Constrains (impels forward) or restrains (holds back).D&C 50:13–22Edifies both teacher and students.D&C 88:3John 14:26Gives comfort.
The most powerful experience will be when the youth share their own personal experience of when they received guidance and or revelation.

I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to continue to talk to us and help us navigate through this journey we call life.

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