{Personal Progress} Yw Value Hair Ties With Free Printable!

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Today I wanted to share a great Personal Progress gift that I recently gave to the YW in my ward.
I first saw these adorable Value Hair ties on Pinterest, but when I clicked on the link it only had a picture. I searched and searched, but couldn’t find the source of the picture. So I decided to create my own. :)
For the elastics, I found a great little Etsy shop that had all the colors I needed at a great price. After looking at a few places I found WW Supplies and was able to buy 5 yards of each value color…I wanted each one different, so it took a little time looking through all of the great elastics, but I finally settled on 8 different kinds. What do you think? I am loving the yellow with the little ruffle down the middle!
Creating My Hair TiesI looked at several different tutorials for creating your own hair ties and tested a few out. I finally decided on a good length to cut the elastics and got to work.
I cut the elastics about 8 inches in length. Then, using a match, burnt the ends to prevent fraying. After I cut several pieces I tied a knot at the end of each piece. I decided to leave a shorter ‘tail’ at the end of my elastics. If you want a longer piece at the end then you may want to make yours a little longer. I also found that the glitter elastic needs to be a little longer due to its thickness. 
Elastic HeadbandsIf you happen to have a YW with short hair that wouldn’t use hair ties…no worries…make her some headbands using the elastics!I created a few for my daughters and they were great. Just measure your head and decide on a comfortable length for the elastics then cut and knot. :) Easy Peasy.
After I had them cut and tied I made a card to place the elastics on.I created one card without a border and rounded the corners.
The other one I added a border to give it a little something. I also added ‘XOXO, your YW Leaders’ which I ended putting on both cards in the end.
These would make great birthday presents for the girls, prizes for Personal Progress, gift for the girls coming in to YW, craft for Girls Camp…Whatever the reason….these are cute and the girls will love them.
Today I am sharing my cards that I created for my hair ties! YAY!Just click on the link below and print them out. Just print them on cardstock and then add your adorable little hair ties.
Click HERE to print out my YW Hair Ties Card w/ Border.
Click HERE to print out my YW Hair Ties Card w/ no Border.
If you have any questions feel free to ask…and hopefully I’ll have an answer for you. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day.

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