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A couple weeks ago, as I was planning out some YW Personal Progress activities, I had an idea.I thought it would be fun to have a Personal Progress Olympics!I searched to see if anyone else had done something similar, but all I saw was an Olympic theme for New Beginnings…bummer. I didn’t have alot of time to plan, but I came up with a few ideas and we began our Olympics {full post will be coming soon}.
We are currently smack dab in the middle of our Olympics. Next Wednesday we will be having a fun mutual activity to go along with our Olympics, and then in March we will have our closing ceremony! YAY!
Yesterday I was brainstorming and came up with a cute Olympic themed handout/treat. Even though I won’t give these to my girls until the closing ceremony, I thought they might be fun for you to hand out to your girls since we’ve all been hearing all about the ‘real’ Winter Olympics.
These are my YW Olympic Torches.As you can see the tag says, “Don’t let the FLAME burn out!”I wanted to remind the girls to never let the flame of Personal Progress burn out…to work on it often…and to feel the blessings from Personal Progress.
I have created a short little tutorial for all of you today to help you create your very own Olympic torches!
 Gather Supplies:I used some clear plastic rectangle boxes that I bought on Pick Your Plum  (Here are some I found on Etsy).  You could also use toilet paper rolls wrapped with some pretty scrapbook paper.You will also need tissue paper (gold, yellow, orange, etc). I used gold and yellow for mine.TapeWashi tape or ribbon; optional (I used gold & white washi tape)Candy Curly ribbon, twine, string, etc. And lastly…“Don’t let the FLAME burn out” tags, found HERE!You’ll also need scissors

Cut out your flames!For this step, I stacked my 2 colors of tissue paper and cut out a 2”X6” rectangle (but the measurements will depend on what you use for your torch).Starting at one side of the tissue paper cut out your flames, nothing fancy. 
Then attach them to your ‘torch’I staggered my tissue paper a little, so the yellow and gold didn’t match up exactly.With a piece of tape, attach your flames and then wrap it around the container.Place a small piece of tape where the tissue paper ends.And you’ve got your torch and flames!

Make your torch look pretty!This is where the washi tape, candy, ribbon/string comes in. I used what I had on hand, so look around and get creative!
My torches looked a little plain, so I looked through my stash of washi tape, and was so excited to find some Gold & White tape, perfect! I placed the washi tape at the base of the flames, and once again at the bottom of my container.
Next, fill your torches with some yummy candy. {I used gold wrapped treats: Milky Way, Snickers, Rolos, Treasures, etc.}
Print out my YW Torch Tags, HERE, and cut them out. Then attach the tags to your torches with some cute ribbon, curly ribbon, twine or string.
Then sit back and enjoy your cute torches, because I think they’re stinkin’ cute!Then hand them out to your YW.
I hope you enjoy my YW Olympic Torch treats. I will be posting all about our Personal Progress Olympics in the next couple weeks, so be sure to stop by again soon.Have a wonderful day!

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