{Personal Progress} Yw Ice Cream Party

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Have your YW been busy working on Personal Progress this summer?Do you need a fun mutual idea to reward your girls? 
At the beginning of summer I had a Personal Progress Ice Cream party for the YW in my ward. It was fun and delicious! And I was able to catch up on where all the girls were and what they had passed off.
For the activity I thought it would be fun to have a Personal Progress Ice Cream Bar. To do this I thought of an ice cream topping for each value:
Faith (white): Whipped CreamDivine Nature (blue): BlueberriesIndividual Worth (red): Strawberries or Strawberry SyrupKnowledge (green): M&M’s Choice & Accountability (orange): crushed Butterfinger candy barsGood Works (yellow): BananasIntegrity (purple): Purple SprinklesVirtue (gold): Gold wrapped Reese’s PB Cups
The Sunday before the party I handed each of them an invitation and told them in order to get a bowl for their ice cream they had to bring their Personal Progress booklets. :)
The Night of the Party! On a table at the front of the room I set up our toppings. I created some topping signs to place by each topping, so the girls knew which topping was for each value. Here’s an peek at what they look like:All flower embellishments came from Shabby Princess & Sahlin Studio.I just printed my cards out and folded in half. Then I just placed each card beside each ‘Value Topping.’
To begin I asked the girls who remembered to bring their booklets. Most of the girls brought them, yay! The girls that brought them received a waffle bowl for remembering their booklets, the rest of the girls received styrofoam bowls.I then told the girls that they could only choose toppings from the values that they had completed an experience/project from (this is where their booklets come in handy). 
I also had a game for the girls.Personal Progress BINGOThis was their BINGO board.

I gave each girl a board and then told them the first 3 to get a BINGO won a prize. They had to read the card and use their booklets to figure out what they have done for Personal Progress.
They were so excited about the game. The winners won a gift certificate to a local Ice cream shop, I also thought of Ice cream flavored gum as a prize as well.
As the girls ate their ice cream and visited I interviewed the girls to see how they were doing with Personal Progress.
Overall it was a great night. I was able to check on what the girls had accomplished over the last few months and the girls were excited to reward themselves for their hard work.
Today I am sharing my BINGO Cards (like the one above & blank as well) with all of you as well as my Ice Cream Topping labels. Just click the links below:
Click HERE to print my Personal Progress BINGO Cards.
Click HERE to print my {blank} Personal Progress BINGO Cards.
Click HERE to print my Value Topping Cards.

I would love to hear how your own Personal Progress Ice Cream Party goes if you decide to have one.As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day!sheena

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