{Personal Progress} Yw F.r.o.g. Handouts

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Our YW focused on Faith during the month of January.I like to give them handouts or treats that have to do with the value to get them a little excited about Personal Progress, and then to also help them remember {they’re teenagers…they ARE going to forget}.
I decided to do this as my Faith treat/handout:

What do you think?My YW love food, so anytime I bring handouts, it usually has some type of treat with it.
When I decided that we would be focusing on Faith, I knew I needed a little inspiration for a handout/treat.I saw a cute saying online that said:“Take a Leapof Faith
and then I also saw a great acronym on Sugardoodle that said:“F.R.O.G.Fully Rely On God”So I just used both of these sayings and created a cute little tag.

I used some clear boxes from Pick Your Plum that I happened to have, YAY! Then I filled each box with gummy frogs, and attached my tag with some cute green & white twine.
Do you need a cute ‘Faith’ treat to give to your YW? Just click the link below to print out my FROG tags.And if you want to use the clear boxes like I did, then take a look HERE.
Click HERE to print my YW F.R.O.G. tags!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day.

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