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Once a month (the first Wednesday of every month) our ward YW secretary, Sister McGrath, does a Personal Progress Spotlight for the first 1/2 hour of Mutual. This has been one of the many tools she has used to start sparking interest in Personal Progress among the girls (see the posts under the  Personal Progress label on the right side of this page for more of her ideas).

When you hear the term Personal Progress Spotlight, it probably sounds like we “spotlight” one of the girls who has signed something off for Personal Progress. Actually, what she does instead is spotlight the Values themselves and tries to encourage all of the girls to work on Personal Progress.

Sister McGrath focuses on the YW Value of the month (Faith, Divine Nature, etc – whatever our monthly Value theme is) and how it can be applied to our lives, especially with Personal Progress. Sometimes she gives a presentation, sometimes we play a game – its different every time, so it never gets old. The girls are always encouraged to work on their Personal Progress and set goals. Some do, some don’t, but at least they are all reminded about it.

This month in our Ward’s YW the Value is “Individual Worth.” Sister McGrath wanted to have a Personal Progress Value Experience that the girls could start that night and finish the same night. That way, everyone could have at least one Value Experience completed by the end of the night. We have a number of brand new Beehives (and some older girls) who haven’t completed any Experiences yet, so if they could get started on one and finish it the same night, they could finally mark something off on our big Personal Progress Chart and get the ball rolling!

Individual Worth Value Experience #7 is what she chose to focus on this month, and it worked perfect.

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