{Personal Progress} ‘Riesens’ To Do Personal Progress

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron)

A few weeks ago as I was grocery shopping (down the candy aisle) I had an idea for a Personal Progress incentive.

Have you ever tried ‘Riesens’? If not, they are delicious…just saying.

This incentive that I am sharing today shares different reasons why Personal Progress is important and why we need to do it.

I began by (eating the first entire bag of Riesens) thinking of reasons why we should do personal progress. I decided to look on lds.org, but then I realized that the reasons are right in front of us in the Personal Progress booklets.

I looked through the booklet at each value and picked 2 reasons for each value. Here are some that I chose:
As I looked through the booklet I saw the many, many reasons why these young women (and we) should be doing their personal progress.

I created these cute little ‘Riesen’ wrappers with the different reasons that I saw. On the bottom of each reason is the corresponding Value experience for that reason.
I printed the wrappers out and then wrapped each ‘wrapper’ around the
Riesen candy, as seen below.

After I had all my candies wrapped with my Personal Progress ‘Riesen’ wrappers, I placed them inside of some clear plastic rectangular boxes/tubes I had. You could also place these in small jars, bags, etc.
Then I attached a tag that reads,
“Need a ‘Riesen’ to do Personal Progress? Here’s a few…”

The girls can pick a piece of candy out and read the reason why they should do their personal progress. Then they can look which experience goes with that reason and look it up in their booklet….and Do It!

Do your YW need a few ‘Riesens’ to do their Personal Progress?
Then click on the link(s) below:

I hope you enjoy my Personal Progress ‘Riesen’ treats and make some for your YW. I do know that Personal Progress is an amazing program that can strengthen the young women and help them to come unto Christ. By participating in Personal Progress they can strengthen their testimonies and help them understand their divine potential.
I would love to hear if you make these for your YW, so come back and tell me what you did.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day!


Source:: Little LDS Ideas

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