Personal Progress Punch Board

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We have been mixing things up a bit with recognizing/encouraging our young women with their personal progress. We are doing something different each month, and February we are focusing on the value of Divine Nature. I made a punch board by hot gluing 28 paper cups to a foam core board, then putting surprises into each cup, and covering with pieces of tissue paper.

I stretched rubber bands over the lips of the cups to keep the tissue paper on. The girls can punch through the tissue paper and retrieve a surprise if they have completed a personal progress value or project, or if they are done with personal progress, they must complete one hour of service and read in the Book of Mormon every day. The cups are filled with nail polish, shoe key chains, pom pom bookmarks, jewelry, and other goodies – one thing per cup. I love that we can re-use the board with any color tissue paper we want. I shaped my cups into a heart, but it would be fun to see someone make a shoe shape for this year’s Mutual Theme!

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