{Personal Progress} Ketchup Night! Part I

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If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed I have been ‘pinning’ a lot of YW Personal Progress ideas.Well, that’s because I received a new calling yesterday.I am now the YW Personal Progress Advisor for our ward!{And I’m also the Ward Music Chairman, but we’re not talking about that one today :)}I am so excited to be in Young Women’s. The last time I was in YW was when I was a young woman. A lot has changed since then, but I’ve been reading up on all the new things, and I can’t wait to get started.
As Personal Progress Advisor I am in charge of the mutual activity every 2ndWednesday of the month. This Wednesday just happens to be the 2ndWednesday. I have found so many great ideas from lots of talented women on the internet, but the one I’m sharing today seemed like a great starting point.
Tiffany over at Young Women Inspiration shared a great idea that I decided to use for our first activity. We are going to be having a ‘Ketchup’ night, to ‘Ketchup’ on Personal Progress.  Since I haven’t been in YW I have no idea where the girls are with their Personal Progress, so a ‘ketchup’ night was great for me to get all ‘caught up’. :)
Tiffany shared her wonderful invitations, so all I had to do was type in the information and attach ketchup packets.
Click Hereto see Tiffany’s idea & her invitations.
I also wanted to give the girls a challenge when I handed out the invitations. I came across another great blog, Embellish the Details, and saw that she had created a nice little bookmark for each of her girls that listed all the YW Experiences that could be completed in a day.I loved Emily’s idea, so I decided to create my own bookmark. I had some cute some cute paper clips that I found in the $1 section of Michael’s and attached one to each bookmark.
I thought these would be great for the girls to keep in their Personal Progress booklets. There are so many experiences on this list that they can complete in one day, and now they will have them all listed for them when they need to pass one off quick.Anytime they have some free time they can look at their bookmarks and pick an experience to do.Thanks Emily for coming up with this great idea, I LOVE it!
As I handed out the invitations I challenged the girls to complete one of the experiences listed on the bookmark before our activity on Wed.We will see if any of the girls complete any. If they do I plan on giving them a little treat.
Click Here to print my YW Experience Bookmarks.
I can’t wait for the activity. Hopefully we’ll get some things figured out and have a great time.I will be posting about the activity, so be sure to stop by later this week.
I’ll include some more fun printables for you to use for your own ‘Ketchup Night’.
Thanks for stopping by & Have a wonderful day.sheena

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