{Personal Progress} Ketchup Night! Part 2

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Update: I feel so bad & embarassed about this! I forgot to link  back to where I found the original idea for the Root Beer Tag.
I truly always try to give credit where credit is due, but I didn’t this time. I want to say sorry to Marci. She has such great ideas and I’m so grateful that she shares them freely with everyone.

I originally saw Marci’s Root Beer tag that she used for a ‘Back to School’ treat for her girls. I loved it!
So when I was planning our ‘Ketchup’ activity I decided to use the same idea, but changed it up just a bit.
Click Here to view Marci’s Root Beer ‘Back to School’ treat.

Last Wednesday we had our Personal Progress ‘Ketchup Night’ for mutual.Since I just got called as our ward’s Personal Progress Advisor I wanted to have an activity and talk to the girls about Personal Progress and see where they were at.
I saw a great idea for a ‘Ketchup Night
{original idea found here}
so that’s what we did.We started out the night with ‘Ketchup’. I brought the girls French fries & tater tots to enjoy as we discussed Personal Progress.I also brought some A&W Root Beer for all of us to enjoy. But I had a reason for the A&W.I used the A&W to represent:Always Work on your Personal Progress.I attached a little handout to each bottle for the girls to keep as a reminder to Always Work on their Personal Progress.
I included a great quote from Ezra Taft Benson on the handout.Everyone enjoyed the yummy food, and I was able to get caught up with where the girls are with their Personal Progress.
Personal Progress RewardI also had a little reward for the girls. The Sunday before, I gave the girls a challenge to pass off at least one Personal Progress Experience. For those that completed one {or more} experience I gave them a pack of gum. I wrapped some cute scrapbook paper around each pack of gum and tied some curly ribbon around it.

Then I attached a little tag on each pack of gum that said:Thanks for ‘CHEWSING’ to do your Personal Progress.The girls loved them.
After we ate and discussed Personal Progress we played a couple games.I think the night went really well. I think any activity that involves food counts as a success. :)
If you would like to use my A&W tags just click the link below!Click to print my A&W Root Beer Tags.Thanks for stopping by!
Click Here to read Part 1 of my Personal Progress Ketchup Night!sheena

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