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For our Y.W. I decided that I like the idea of focusing on one value each month. At the beginning of each month I introduce which value we will be focusing on and share a short message or a spiritual thought.
For the month of August we focused onChoice & Accountability.To introduce the value we would be focusing on that month I created a bookmark for each girl. Since the color for Choice & Accountability is orange I had the phrase ‘Orange You Glad You Have Personal Progress?’ at the top of the bookmark.{Sorry it’s so corny}. :)I used an article from the 2006 November New Era titled, “Five Reasons To Love Personal Progress”.On the bookmarks I listed the 5 reasons to love P.P. & then had a quote from Sis. Dalton at the bottom.

To go along with the ‘orange’ theme, I had a plate full of Reese’s PB cups. I passed around the plate of treats and bookmarks and let each girl have one.I encouraged the girls to pass of some experiences from Choice & Accountability.

That same Sunday I passed out invitations for our upcoming Personal Progress Mutual activity. We had a fun night all about choices. I will be sharing that soon, so be sure to stop by again. 

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