{Personal Progress} Experience Bookmarks

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A couple weeks ago I shared a Personal Progress Bookmark that I created, after seeing the idea on Embellish the Details.
Do you remember them?
These bookmarks are great because they list all the Personal Progress experiences that can be completed in one day. I decided to make some cutesy bookmarks for our girls, so that they could get to work on their Personal Progress.
I added a cute paper clip so the girls could keep this in their Personal Progress Booklets.
When I handed the bookmarks out to the girls they loved them!
I’m sharing these wonderful bookmarks again today for all of you to use with your own Young Women.
AND I even have the bookmarks in Portuguese.

Click Here to Print the English Version.
Click Here for the Portuguese Version.
I hope you enjoy my Personal Progress Experience Bookmark. Leave me a comment & let me know if you do. :)
Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful day!sheena

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