Personal Progress Candygram

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We will be recognizing two of our young women for having completed the Personal Progress program and received their Young Womanhood Recognition award. They both received their medallions a couple months ago, but I wanted to do something special for them at our New Beginnings – so made this fun collapsable candy gram to present to them.

I used these large 5 3/4″ x 8 3/4″ envelopes, sticking the open flaps of each envelope to the back of the envelope above it. I tucked the top envelope’s flap inside, then after filling with candy, folded the candy gram up from both sides.

After tying the candygram up with a pretty ribbon and a tag, it’s ready to be given with some words of congratulations and a big hug.

Here is a close-up of each of the envelope labels. You can download them here.

I am thinking of also including an Honor Bee tracking booklet, to encourage them to keep moving forward!

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