Personal Progress Board Update

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Our Personal Progress Board was starting to look a little rough over the past few months. Some of the chipboard letter stickers kept falling off, and a few of them were lost somewhere between the YW room and the closet. For the past few weeks we’ve had a “Personal _rogress” board that I was too embarrassed to bring out of the closet. We had also had a bunch of new girls come into YW, so we were needing to update the charts as well.

So I brought it home this last weekend after church and gave it a makeover. I added new letters and printed new charts. This time I also made a separate section for the Honor Bee charts.

To make the charts, I simply made a Numbers spreadsheet (I have a Mac, you could use Excel) with the number of rows/columns I wanted, then added color to each row to correspond with the value color. Each chart has its own name at the top. For the Honor Bee charts, I also used a Numbers spreadsheet and then included a spot to mark completion of the Book of Mormon and mentoring.

See my photos of the new and improved board!

You can find the post about the original board and its predecessors on my blog HERE

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