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Do your YW need a bit of a ‘jump-start’ on their Personal Progress?
This activity is great for YW who are new to Personal Progress or those that have kind of fizzled out.
While searching for Personal Progress ideas, I came across THIS idea and thought it was excellent. We decided it would be great for our YW, so I got to work planning.Instead of using this activity for mutual we used it for a Personal Progress Sleep-over.
I used Kinzie’s great idea and added a few of my own. Here’s what to do to have your own Personal Progress-O-Thon:
Before the activity:Print out all the printables that I have provided below.I have included:- 8 Value Jar Labels {shown above}- Personal Progress-O-thon Checklists- Other lists, definitions, etc. needed for experiences

Look at each of the value experiences that can be passed off or started and decide what extra materials you will need for each experience.Example:2 Conference talks on Faith, etc.
For our marathon I set up 8 stations for each value.At each station there was a Value Jar. Each jar was filled with candy in that particular Value color.On each of the jars was a ‘Value Card’ that had what experiences the girls could pass off.So, find some jars and candy and put your Value Jars together.
To Play:Tell the girls that tonight they are going to participate in a Personal Progress-O-Thon!Show the girls the 8 stations around the room and explain that all around the room are ‘Value Jars’ representing one of the 8 values. On the front of each of the jars is a card that lists 2-4 experiences that can be finished or started tonight. Let the girls know how much time they have for the activity, and then tell them that the goal is to finish as many experiences as possible in that amount of time. Each time a girl completes an experience have them check it off their checklist, and then open up the jar and enjoy a piece of candy. Then move on to another experience!

At the end the girls counted up how many experiences they finished. I then awarded the winner with a bag of skittles and told her ‘Thanks for tasting the Rainbow of Personal Progress.’Kinzie has some great printables for a treat for all the girls at the end of the activity, so be sure to stop by and check it out, Visit HERE
Our girls really enjoyed this activity, and I was surprised how many experiences they passed off!Even though we did this at an overnight party, you could still use this idea as a great mutual activity.
If you want to have your own Personal Progress-O-thon, thenbe sure to print out my printables below.
Click HERE for my PersonalProgress-O-thon Printables.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day.

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