Ordinances & Covenants Lesson Printable

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This lesson goes with these two questions from the July outline:Why are ordinances important in my life?Why are covenants important in my life?You can download the booklet HERE or in Dropbox HERE
First we went over the difference btwn Ordinances and Covenants. All of the Ordinance page came from Handbook 2.  I forgot to say that about the bottom part.
Then, I put them into groups.  I put these pics face down and had a member of the group pick the picture. Then, they answered the questions on their page for their ordinance.{make sure you read the suggested lesson material so you are prepared to help with the answers! :)}Then, each group got up to share their answers.  They put the pic on the chalkboard when they presented.  Each girl in the group was able to give an answer and explain a couple questions.  We would discuss as we go.  Other groups fill in the answers as the other groups present/give answers.  Keeps the girls engaged in the lesson and listening for the answers.
I also had these ordinances on the chalkboard too.  But, didn’t include them in the booklet since it’s another lesson in itself. :)

Then, after we filled out the booklet with the groups presenting.I did this point from the lesson as my closing activity:

  • Show a picture of the people of Ammon burying their weapons. Ask a young woman to briefly tell the story of the people of Ammon and the covenant they made (see Alma 53:10–1856:5–8). Why did the people choose to keep their covenants despite the danger they faced? How did their example influence their enemies? How did it influence their children? Invite each young woman to write on the board the name of a person who has taught her through example about keeping covenants. Ask her to share with the class what she learned from that person.

After some girls shared their person.  I challenged them to be that person to someone else.  Be the person they look up to for keeping their baptismal covenants by always having Christ’s spirit to be with them.

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