One More Week

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One more week until the 4:45 alarm!
In many ways I am prepared, and in others, I feel so behind.
My Parent-Student Orientation/Registration meeting went well yesterday.
One of my 10th grade students has already recited all 25 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery verses. He decided that summer was the best time to work on Scripture Mastery and he was correct!

I have 23 students registered and I am aware of 2 more moving in to our ward within the next month.
It will be a large class.
My concern is not behavior issues with this large number, it is that the students don’t receive enough attention from me-especially when we are working on review and repetition.
Do you have any suggestions for working with a large class?

Happy Back To Seminary All!I will return to regular posting as the Seminary year is in full swing!

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