Nt- Who Is Peter?

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Peter…This is your life.

Years ago, there was a television show called This Is Your Life. A celebrity would be picked and unbeknownst to them, the host would take them through their life accomplishments.

Today, it was the Apostle Peter’s turn!

Taking this 1975 Ensign article by Richard Lloyd Anderson, I was able to come up with 19 events in the life of Peter.

Each class member read and event and then the class wrote it down in their journals.
They were fascinated to hear that not only was Peter married, but that his wife traveled with him. Much like a mission presidents wife goes with him or modern day apostles take their wives on speaking engagements sometimes.

One class member said, “he had a bad day” when he learned that Peter was arrested, gotten out by an angel and then arrested again!

It was wonderful to learn that Peter was chastened by the Lord, yet he grew in fearlessness, he had great courage, he obeyed the Lord, was persecuted and then crucified upside down.

What a life you led, Apostle Peter!

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