Nt Titus/philemon

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I love those books where you can choose your own ending.  Paul sent a letter to Philemon, a slave owner of Onisimus. (O-nis-i-mus)

Onisimus ran away and became a follower of Pauls. He wanted to stay with Paul and Paul wanted him to stay. But he knew it wasn’t right. He told Onisimus to go back to Philemon. Paul wrote to Philemon trying to persuade him to think about what he would do before he acted.

In those days, slaves had no rights. Owners could torture, mutilate, kill for pleasure. If runaway slaves were caught, their forehead was branded and they were condemned to double labor or thrown to beasts in the amphitheater  It was not uncommon for owners to have 20,000 slaves, so no big deal if one died.

( Read Ephesians 6: 5-9 to learn what Paul said about slavery)

How do you think Omisimus’s story ended???

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