Nt Scripture Mastery

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Friday, March 15, using this wonderful idea from my friend in Florida, we had the BEST scripture mastery day in a long time.

 We had a St Paricks Day Scripture Mastery Hunt

I hid clues around the church building using these sayings from John Bushman
the first clue was given out and the teams had to figure out which scripture mastery it referred to. Once they thought they were right, they opened the envelope. Inside was the correct scripture mastery and a clue where to go next.
  A little sabotage was in the works! One team  hid another teams clue high up, so none of them could find it (heehee) This slowed them down a bit, enabling the other team to catch up.

The last clue lead them to the kitchen, where they found a cute leprechaun waiting!
Smiles and happy voices erupted as one by one, they saw a breakfast treat to eat!

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