Nt Romans 9-12

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Saint in Greek means:

“Set Apart, separate, holy. If we are to be Saints in our day, we need to separate ourselves from evil conduct destructive pursuits that are prevalent in the world” Quintin L Cook Nov. 2003 Ensign

“We try, serve and vow to stand firm in our faith”  Howard W. Hunter, May 1987 Ensign

Paul talked about certain gifts the Saints were given (Romans 12:6)

Romans 12 describes them. I made up a crossword puzzle online. The clues were found in the verse, for example: 1 Across “Not in business” They had to read Chapter 12 in order be be able to figure out what word to write in the. (Answer is found in verse 11: slothful)

This was a great way for them to search through the chapter and discover some wonderful phrases like,
“Heap coals of fire on his head”!

At the end of class, we went through the entire puzzle, stopping along the way to discuss some of the wonderful gifts the Saints were given 

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