Nt Romans 7-8 Inheiritance

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I had them complete a hidden picture sheet first. This brought several smiles and enthusiastic, “YES” form many of them. They all have fond memories of sitting the doctor’s office, picking up a highlights magazine and looking at the hidden picture page first.

We read Romans 8: 38-39

Paul taught the Roman Saints that Heavenly Father will see us out, looking every where for us.
Why would He do this??
Because, we learned in Acts 17: 28-29, Romans 8: 14-17 we are his offspring.  A parents love for their child is a strong bond.

A wonderful example of this is a pioneer story found in the Friend magazine 

What is an heir?
What is an inheritance?
Romans 8 teaches  the Saints that those who follow Christ will one day inherit “All that the Father hath” (D&C 84:38)
What is Heaven like?
Mike Day taught this lesson and posted some wonderful articles about heaven on his blog.
We read through the quotes  from Orson Pratt, George Q. Cannon and Ezra Taft Benson and learned that Satan will be bound and not able to annoy us, there will Rivers, animals, houses, cities, lands, families, musical instruments, temples… 
Sounded pretty wonderful to me and my class!!

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