Nt-Mid Term

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Now don’t let the title worry you! I did not have them take a mid term test. Although a few of my students were sweating over the thought!

After finishing up the four gospels, I felt like we needed to have a way to reinforce some of the things we had learned. Plus, several of them were not there for each and every lesson.

I found this game online. I put the game board in paint and removed the “apostle creed”. I made up my own questions from the lessons I taught since Sept.

 I used Multi-grain cheerios for the two different teams andsnagged some dice from my Yatzee gameOne team picked a question and handed it to the other team without looking at it.
The other team asked the question (I put the correct answer on the bottom of the card)
If they got the question correct, they could roll the dice and move that many spaces. All seven pieces (cheerios) had to get to the finish line in order to win.

As you can see from the looks on their faces, some of the questions made them think!

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