NT Matthew 26-28 Love

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/01/nt-matthew-26-28-love.html

John 14: 31 Jesus loved Heavenly Father so much He was willing to do all that Heavenly Father asked of Him.
John 10:18 Christ willingly gave His life. NO ONE could take it from Him.
John 10: 17 Heavenly Father loved Christ for His willingness
John 15: 12-13 Jesus loved us so much He died for us
John 3: 16 Heavenly Father loved us so much He gave His only begotten son to die for us
John 13:34-35/ John 14: 21 we show our love for them by keeping their commandments and loving each other

We watched the video To This End Was I Born (it is about 27 min long)

Omni 1:26- they read and wrote in their journals what they could do now to come closer to the Savior

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