Nt John 20:19-31

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Passed around socks that had objects inside. After feeling the objects, they guessed what the objects were. To be sure they guessed correctly, I took the objects out. It is easy to doubt without seeing.

Have you ever heard the phrase Doubting Thomas?
Did you know it cam from John 20: 19-31? 

Thomas need to see and feel the wounds of the resurrected Christ to be sure it was Him.

Sometimes in life, we begin to doubt. We may doubt our prayers are heard or there is truth to the things we are taught.

We can fight back with a SWORD!

S- spend time at church, seminary, mutual
W-word of wisdom keeps our mind, body and spirit receptive to prompting of the Holy Ghost
O-open up to Him and pray
R-read scriptures daily
D-decide to have faith and trust in God

We made origami swords (they loved this lesson and activity)

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