Nt James 1-6

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I was so excited to give this lesson today. Since I am a dental hygienist, the topic was near and dear to my heart!!

They had to answer T or F for this quiz:

Every person has a unique tongue print.
All of your taste buds are on the tongue.
Close to 50% of the bacteria in the mouth are on the tongue.
If a human tongue were proportioned the same a s chameleon, a 5′ tall person would have a tongue over 7’long.
In Tibet, it is bad manners to stick out your tongue at guests.

( T, F, T, T, F)

Some questions for them to quietly reflect on:

What was the most embarrassing thing you ever said?
What was the most hurtful thing you ever said?
What was the nicest thing you ever said?

James chapter 1, 3,4 were filled with thoughts on the tongue, follow the footnotes for other scriptures that are related. Proverbs 12:22, 15:23, 18:21, Psalm 10:3
I had them blow bubbles and explain to the class how to make a bubble. Then we tried to make a bubble without using our tongue.  It was a fun activity for them to understand that the tongue can be used for Good and Evil

What difficult thing can a person do if he can control his tongue???
Control his body!!

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