Nt Ephesians 6 Armour Of God

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/05/nt-ephesians-6-armour-of-god.html

Here is another scripture insert: We read through Eph. 6: 10-18 and discussed what some of the words meant:

Be Strong
Put on
Girt up your loins

I brought plastic wrap and two bottles filled with water to class

For our activity today I had one of the young men wrapped in plastic wrap:

He was sprayed with water…The water just bounced off.Just like when we put on the armour of God
One of the young men, then cut slits in the plastic wrap
Then he was sprayed again.  Satan knows our weaknesses and will shoot his fiery darts at us and they will penetrate. We will not be able to protect ourselves unless we have on the whole Armour of God
This time, he did not stay dry, the water slipped in through the slits.I was hoping the girls would shoot at the slits, like Satan does. He knows just where our weak spots are and will shoot at them. But the girls were to afraid of sending him off to school wet.
The only way he could get out of the plastic was to pull it up over his head. He loved his stylish hat…reminded me of and Easter bonnet!! hehee

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