Nt Acts 8-9

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/02/nt-acts-8-9.html

Handed out one of these to each one of them. After we discussed what happened in Acts 8-9, they then quietly picked out a verse or verses that meant something to them.
Then they came up to the front of the class, read the verse, explained it, told why they chose it, and how to apply it to our lives.

Then they handed their stick back to me. I talked about how each of us maybe weak (like the notches in the stick can weaken the stick) but together, the sticks can build a wonderful strong structure. All of us sharing our testimonies can strengthen each other….

If you have never tried this sort of lesson, you will be AMAZED at what the students pick out and teach. I always walk away having learned something new with this type of lesson. Plus the students learn from their peers better than an adult sometimes.

This was a short lesson on purpose. Our room had gotten so messy and out of control. I was having a hard time teaching in an environment full of chaos. We emptied the room, vacuumed  washed the chalkboards, threw out papers that littered their desks and took out the trash.

When we finished, a couple of them remarked about how the room had a better feeling to it. I smiled as I told them the spirit can not dwell in an unclean environment!

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