Nt Acts 4-5 Gospel Rolls Forth

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Who is Spencer W. Kimball referring to when he says:
“this great church president”
“man of great faith”
“bold leadership”
“unwavering testimony”
“unparalleled courage”
“almost limitless understanding”

If you guessed Peter, you were correct!
The priests didn’t know what to do with Peter. They wanted him to stop talking about Jesus and His gospel. Trying to silence him, they had him arrested.BUT5,000 people heard him and believed!
Trying to stop the gospel from flooding the earth is like stopping an avalanche. It just can’t be done!
We watched Disney’s Mickey’s Sorcerer’s ApprenticeI did stop it around the 8 min. mark.We discussed how Mickey tried to chop the broom up with an axe. Like Satan and some men try to stop the church from doing missionary work. What happened? The broom just multiplied. Now with even more brooms to help, the place was flooding. Mickey could not stop it no matter how he tried!
D&C 65: 1-2 tells us the kingdom of God will roll forth and can’t be stopped!
We made paper doll chainsI was glad to hear that all of them had never done it before! This made me feel good about myself, since I had to look it up on youtube myself!!One was a failure, the hands which caused the chain to break. No big deal though,we had plenty of chains! They had great fun, adding personalities to each one and taping them together.Having them hanging around the room gave us a reminder all week that we may be small in numbers here in Central NY, But together, as a church wide membership we are mighty!Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley said in Oct. 1997 General conference:”if we will go forward, never loosing sight of our goal…this cause will roll on in majesty and power to fill the earth…the key is the faith of all who call themselves Latter-Day Saints”

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